(our gusest lecturers are indicated in yellow)

TUESDAYS, at 5 pm, Lecture room II


Acceptence of the course:

This semester (2017/2018) there will be two possibilites:
1. on September 19th, the course will be on the Neuroesthetics satellite symposium. If someone participates at an entire session (with signature), not only during the 5-6, when the course lecture is there, then it can be accepted for an end note of 5.
2. Similarly to previous years, you can submit a presentation of your own – after the topic of the presentation has been accepted by the course director. Please send the presentation to the following email address: dora.reglodi@aok.pte.hu

1. lecture (week 2, 12th September).
Ossuaries, Anatomy Museums
Anatomy in Art
dr. Dóra Reglődi

2. lecture (week 3, 19th of September).
Neuroesthetics - Edges of neurosciences (Location: Conference Room, 1. emelet)
Participation at the FENS conference: Satellite symposium organized by Prof. Attila Sik
For participants, who participate at an entire session: be aware that it will be accepted for the exam at the end!

3. lecture (week 4, 26th of September).
Cajal and anatomical art
Anatomy teaching at other universities
dr. Andrea Tamás

4. lecture (week 5, 3th of October).
Anatomy of body modifications
Dissection of a painting - Rembrandt - Anatomy lesson of dr. Tulp
dr. Dóra Reglődi

5. lecture (week 6, 10th of October).
Anatomy on the battlefield
Guest lecturer: dr. Szilárd Rendeki - PTE Department of Operational Medicine

6. lecture (week 7, 17th of October).
"OVER THE TOP - extreme anatomic performances in animal kingdom"
Guest lecturer: Dr. Joe Petersburger

7. lecture (week 8, 24th of October).
Anatomy on duty
Guest lecturer: Dr. Márk Vajda, Emergency Physician, Oxyologist, Research Associate Professor

8. lecture (week 9, 31st of October).
Walks in the morgue
Body snatchers
dr. Dóra Reglődi

9. lecture (week 10, 7th of November).
Heavy metal Anatomy
dr. Peter Kiss

10. lecture (week 11, 14th of November).
Anatomy in art
dr. Dóra Reglődi

11. lecture (week 12, 21th of November).
Anatomy of beauty
Guest lecturer: Prof. Attila Sik, Institute of Transdisciplinary Discoveries, Univ. Pecs

12. lecture (week 13, 28th of November).
Anatomy of stones
Guest lecturer: Dr. Bertalan Andrasfalvi - Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Inst. of Experimental Medicine