If you have difficulties in seeing our WEB pages:

  1. You can not reach even the first page (the first two pages are available without restrictions):
  2. The title page is fine, but many others do not appear.
  3. Most pages are illegible (black background):

Checking and setting suggestions.

  1. A fast test to check if the javascripts and style-sheets are enabled.
  2. The following statements must be true. If not, make the settings suggested below.

    1. Enabling javasripts and stylesheets.

    The settings are browser-dependent.

    Internet Explorer (IE)


    Google Chrome

    Google Chrome has very limited setting possibilities, however, most of the features are visible in our pages. Browsing active pages in the HD or CD of the computer is disabled intentionally and declaired - claiming virus protection. This can not be overruled. Actually, this may be one of the implementation of their business principle: you can browse the Internet only through them (aggressive pushing their browser, sign up, etc.) to support their business (spreading commercials...).


    2. If the larger histological picture does not appear in a separate window:

    Internet Explorer (IE)

    3. If the WEB-pages are not correctly visible from HD or CD:

    Internet Explorer (IE)

    Google Chrome

    Can not be solved. The browser was designed this way on purpose. (Their commercials can not be refreshed from CD...).