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These WEB pages were prepared for the students of the University Pécs, Medical School to help them in their Anatomy studies. The availability of the pages is limited. The password, required to reach these pages, is available in the Anatomy Department (message board) or the students of the Univ. Pécs, Medical School can also ask for it via E-mail from Dr. Gabriella Horvath or Dr. Judit Horváth.

The messages provide technical information on the Anatomy studies, like exam questions, usage of histolgy- and autopsy-rooms, etc. The teaching supplement pages were prepared by the teachers of the Anatomy Department. These contain "electronic textbooks" and collections of figures mostly presented in the lectures. The material, found hereby, does not substitute the practices and lectures in any extent just provides extra help in learning. The electronic textbooks summarizes required background-information for the practices and the copies of the figures are intended to help in preparing notes in the lectures. Using these WEB pages, it is not necessary to copy the figures while taking notes in the lectures just writing down the explanations. This is why, in most of the cases, we do not provide any written explanations with the figures here in the WEB.

The authors maintain the full copyright on the figures and text in these WEB pages. Based on this, making any hard- or electronic copy of the materials found here, except for personal use of the active students, without a previous, specific consent of the authors is considered as infringement of copyright and may draw legal consequences.

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