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In case of urgent study issues or technical problems occurring during the online exams, please call the emergency phone number of the department!

Martin Egerváry: +36 30 9109268

or if he is not avaliable, please try to contact him via e-mail
He is available on workdays from 7.30. am to 6 pm.

Dear Students,

please evaluate your exam experiences on the website with the appropriate codes:

Anatomy II. - PTE1739
Histology and embryology II. - PTE1737
Dear Students,

The Department of Anatomy would like to inform you that under the present pandemic circumstances we will organize all of our exams in distant on-line form.
Detailled information about exams

Dear Students,
The Department of Anatomy would like to inform you that under the present pandemic circumstances we are not able to continue the presence teaching form in the dissecting rooms, therefore we continue anatomy teaching in online form starting from next week. Gross anatomy recapitulation has also been cancelled.

You can log in at the webpage with your Neptun code in all capital letters (username), and the pte4dia password. Please change your password under the profile settings after logging in. You can learn how to use the platform from the attached 4 page user guide.

In case you already had a registered previously, please use your new, Neptun code-based new account from now on.

In case of technical issues or questions, please write an email to

User guide
ONLINE LEARNING - official YouTube channel of the department

Histological slides

Dear Examinees!

The Department of Anatomy has opened more than 3500 exam places. We truly hope that you will use just about the half of them, having few B or C exams.

Based on the experinece of the last years, we know that the places opened are rarely fully occupied, so these numbers are "slightly overbooked" on certain days to fit your needs better. There is a slight chance that the number of registered students exceeds our capacity for the morning exams, and we will have to examine also in the afternoon.

Since you may sign up for the exam until 9 a.m. on the day before the exam, we are unable to tell this in advance, it will turn out only on the last day whether we will have to examine in the afternoon or not. On the information page of our web-site (that is where you see this information now) we will post a note, that on the next day

A: everybody will be examined in the morning

B: we will examine some students in the afternoon (list of students)

Please visit our web-site in the afternoon-evening on the day before your exam, to be sure that you do not get up too early on the next day!

The examiners of the Department of Anatomy wish you a successful exam period!

Information about the exam course:

According to the opinion of the Department of Anatomy the active participation in the lectures and labs is essential. Continuous studying is necessary for having a successful exam. The Department of Anatomy opened the possibility for the exam course - in spite of many other departments - to help those, who in spite of all their efforts could not pass the exam. We wanted to help them to continue their studies with the possibly smallest delay.

Unfortunately, in the last years some students seem to have misused this opportunity, the registration for the exam course is on the rise, and the results are very poor. It is pending whether we will continue our practice with the exam courses, or not.

If we do continue, the number of the places will be limited as follows:

  • In the semester after the regular course, the number of places available will be 20% of the students in the regular course. For example, if in the spring semester 200 students registered for a regular course, there will be 40 exam course places in the fall.

  • In the case the regular course runs simultaneously, then the available exam course places will be 5% of the number of students in the previous year. For example, if in the spring semester 200 students registered for a regular course, one year later in the spring semester there will be 10 exam course places of that subject.

    These numbers definitely will not be increased, rather reduced in the future. Please do not count on the exam course, it is not sure that it will be opened, and even if there is an exam course, the places will be limited!

    General information